Anthony Thomas (#329)
Hometown: Fairmont, Wv
Local Track:
Bike: King50
Current Age: 7
Rider's Photo Gallery Age Started: 3
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Years Racing: 2

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Other Interests: Soccer, basketball
  Rider Bio:
Started racing at an outlaw track locally for the first year and did very well. Moved up to the 7-8 class and my dad bought me a 2004 King. Just started racing different AMA tracks and love them all.
  Race Results:
First big race for me was at High Point Raceway and also was the worst wreck for me. Came out of the whole neck and neck with another cobra, crashed into each other. He got up faster than I did and bad thing about being first and wrecking, all the other guys behind me. Got ran over twice! Still got up and finished the race and ended up in 9nth. Cant wait to go back though!