Joshua Cartwright (#51)
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Local Track:
Bike: King50
Current Age: 9
Rider's Photo Gallery Age Started: 4
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Years Racing: 4

Instant Message: joeycartwr (AIM)

Other Interests: Soccer, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, scouts
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2004 Highlights

Lake Whitney
50cc 7-8 9th place
50cc Open 4th Place

Ponca City
50cc 7-8 Stock 7th Place

Qualified for Lorettas

KTM Challenge in Dallas, TX
1st Place

KTM Challenge Finals
5th Place

Clear Channel Arenacross
50cc 7-8 1st Place Mid-South Region

US Open AX Championships
50cc 7-8 6th Place

Amateur Open of Motocross
50cc 7-8 Open 1st Place
50cc 7-8 Stock 5th Place
50cc 7-8 Mod 5th Place