National Races

"The Classics"



Spring Classic

The Spring Classic has been a part of the amateur national racing scene for nearly 25 years. It’s always the first big race of the year, and it’s the first opportunity for everyone to check out the competition after the January 1st move-up date (when riders must advance because of age or skill). The race started out at the now closed Lake Whitney facility in Texas, but has recently moved to the Mill Creek MX facility just outside of Birmingham, Alabama.

Date Location Start Surface
February 23- March 2, 2014 Pell City, Alabama Dirt with an uphill left-hander Clay




GNC Finals at Oak Hill

This race started out at the historic Mosier Valley track back in the 1970s and has since moved to the Oak Hill facility when Mosier closed. The Oak Hill facility is a great track and it is run professionally. The GNC rules are generally the same as AMA rules when it comes to age classification, however, this race also runs an Open class and a Mod class for the 50cc riders. Mod rules allow up to a 60cc displacement with wheel size staying the same as stock class rules allow. This offers a nice opportunity for the 50cc-only racer to get a lot of track time over the course of the week.

Date Location Start Surface
March 12-16, 2014 Denton, Texas Concrete leading to a downhill left-hander Clay with sand mix




World Mini Grand Prix

This race is the grandfather of all amateur national events. Initially promoted at the long-closed Indian Dunes track in southern California, this race has been held at a few different venues in the Western USA. In the 1980s, the race was moved to Las Vegas, by 2011 the track had moved 90 miles up the road to Mesquite, Nevada.  2014 has the race returning to the California roots, at the internationally famous Glen Helen Raceway.

Date Location Start Surface
April 15-20, 2014 San Bernardino, California Concrete Mid to Hard pack with sifted Clay





NMA Grand Nationals

For nearly forty years, this race was held at the Ponca City motocross track right within the city limits of this motocross-made famous town.  In 2012, the NMA moved the Ponca City National Championship to the Norman Motorsports Complex in Norman, Oklahoma.  The new location offers many conveniences, plenty of pit parking, and a 100% viewable track.

Date Location Start Surface
July 18-23, 2014 Norman, Oklahoma Concrete Sand and Clay mixture




Loretta Lynn’s AMA National Championship

Over the past thirty years, this race has developed into the most prestigious amateur motocross event on the planet. Only 42 kids per class qualify for the race through a series of grueling area and regional qualifiers. Roughly one in 25 qualifiers make it to ‘The Show’, so just being able to line up at the starting gate is a huge accomplishment. Each year, this race is held in the first week of August at Loretta Lynn’s ranch about an hour west of Nashville. The weather is hot, the track is always well prepared, and since this is the only motocross race of the year at this facility, there is no ‘home track’ advantage for any rider.

Date Location Start Surface
July 27 - August 2, 2014 Hurricane Mills, Tennessee Dirt Sticky Clay with lots of sand added over the past few years




Winter National Olympics (Mini Os as everyone calls it)

The name ‘Olympics’ was derived back in the 1970s when in order to win the Olympiad, racers had to finish at the top of several different disciplines. In the beginning, there was Motocross, Cross Country, Flat Track, and Supercross. Today, only the Supercross and Motocross races persist, but that doesn’t lessen the importance of this incredible race held each year over the week of Thanksgiving. Racers from all over the world converge to test their mettle against the best tracks and the best competition, and with two separate opportunities crammed into the course of one week, it’s worth the trip!

Date Location Start Surface
November 24-29, 2014 Gainesville, Florida

Dirt (same gate for SX and MX)

Hard pack Clay




ATVA Nationals

There is only one series in the USA that matters when it comes to ATV motocross, and that is the ATVA Nationals. This ten round series zigzags across the Midwest at many of the same tracks that the pro and amateur motorcycles run on (like Red Bud, Millcreek, and Loretta Lynn’s Ranch), and it offers the very cool experience of having the pros and amateurs race on the same weekends on the same track.

Date Location Start Surface
March - August Across the Midwest Varies Varies




GNCC – East Coast

The Grand National Cross Country series is a must-do series for any off-roader from the East Coast. This thirteen-round tour covers an enormous variety of terrain from the deep sand of Florida to the tight twisted tree-lined hillsides of the upper Midwest (and there is always a motocross section or two added in). Kids typically run Saturday morning on a jam-packed weekend schedule that includes bikes, quads, amateurs, and pros. If you are looking for a compact schedule, a lot of seat time, and a professionally run series, this is it!

Date Location Start Surface
March - October East of the Mississippi Varies Varies




WORCS – West Coast

Much like the GNCC series east of the Mississippi, the WORCS series attracts great riders and great facilities on the West Coast. This series offers separate weekend schedules for bikes and ATVs, and the tracks vary from motocross conditions, such as Glen Helen MX, to more desert-like conditions at venues like Buffalo Bills in Prim, Nevada. WORCS also take special care of the kids with special events like bowling and scavenger hunts.

Date Location Start Surface
January - October Southwest Varies Varies


Updated: March 3, 2014