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Technical Bulletins

Cobra Motorcycles is dedicated to making information easily available to our customers. Below, please find our most current technical bulletins.  If you do not already have the Adobe Acrobat plug-in to read .PDF files, you can click here to download it.

2012 Technical Service Bulletins

adobeicon TSB0112 ECX80 Head Nut Torque

adobeicon TSB0212 Autolite Spark Plugs

adobeicon TSB0312 Replacement Silencer Grommets

adobeicon TSB0412 50cc Cylinder Kits for Service Replacement

adobeicon TSB0512 Cobra Water Pump Seals

adobeicon TSB0612 2007-2009 CX65 Exhuast Pipe

adobeicon TSB0712 CX65 Fork Seal & Swiper

adobeicon TSB0812 V3 CFD Refresh Kits

adobeicon TSB0912 2008 King 50 Expansion Chamber

adobeicon TSB1012 CX65 Exhaust Flange Sealing

adobeicon TSB1112 CX65 Rear Brakes

adobeicon TSB1212 3-Shoe Clutch Assembly

adobeicon TSB1312 CX65 Spark Plug Recommendations

adobeicon TSB1412 Cobra Front Forks

adobeicon TSB1512 Solenoid Care on 2012 CX65

adobeicon TSB1612 60 Mod Head Insert Guide

adobeicon TSB1712 Rear Brake Bleeding CX65 II

adobeicon TSB1812 Fuel Requirements for 2012 CX65

adobeicon TSB1912 Silencers for all Cobra Products

adobeicon TSB2012 Top End Details for 70SS Engine

adobeicon TSB2112 CX665 Power Valve Gasket

adobeicon TSB2212 50cc Intake Screws Re-Tignhtening

2011 Technical Service Bulletins

adobeicon TSB0011 King Head Insert

adobeicon TSB0111 Swiper for JR and OI

adobeicon TSB0211 2010 King Air Filter Cage Upgrade

adobeicon TSB0311 Kick Lever

adobeicon TSB0411 50cc Output Shaft

adobeicon TSB0511 50cc Brake Pedal

adobeicon TSB0611 2010 CX65 Cylinder and Head Insert

adobeicon TSB0711 Liquid Performance Mini Coolant

adobeicon TSB0811 50cc Top-End Connecting Rod Bearing

adobeicon TSB0911 Cobra Friction Drive - V3

adobeicon TSB1011 65cc Ignition

adobeicon TSB1111 50cc Clutch Arbor

adobeicon TSB1211 CX65 Rear Brake Bleeding Procedure

adobeicon TSB1311 CX65 Piston

adobeicon TSB1411 King and JR Front Engine Mounts

adobeicon TSB1511 Three-Shoe Clutch Washer Stacks

adobeicon TSB1611 New-Style Clutch Shoes

adobeicon TSB1711 King and CX65 Triple Clamps

adobeicon TSB1811 JR Ignition Coil

2010 Technical Service Bulletins

adobeicon TSB0111 JR/OI Fork Dust Cover (Swiper)

adobeicon TSB0110 - Steering Stem Cap

adobeicon TSB0210 - Clutch Washer Stacks

adobeicon TSB0310 - Shock Compression Adjust Knob CX65

adobeicon TSB0410 - 2010 CX65 Pipe

adobeicon TSB0510 - 2010 King Chain Guard Bolt

adobeicon TSB0610 - 2010 CX65 Subframe

adobeicon TSB0710 - Clutch Summary

adobeicon TSB0810 - Fuel Petcock

adobeicon TSB0910 - Clutch Arbors

adobeicon TSB1010 - JR Case Vent

adobeicon TSB1110 - King Expansion Chamber

adobeicon TSB1210 - King and JR Cylinder Head Insert

adobeicon TSB1310 - CFD Hub Pressure Plate Assembly

adobeicon TSB1410 - CX65 Carburetor

2009 Technical Service Bulletins

adobeicon TSB2109 Z-Ball Automatic Clutch installation - ECX70/90 and CX65

adobeicon TSB1209 CX65 rear brake caliper

adobeicon TSB0109 King Expansion Chamber

adobeicon TSB0209 Reeds on 2008 King

adobeicon TSB0309 Cobra Frictional Drive (CFD) Version 2

adobeicon TSB0409 Cobra JR / OI Radiator with Louvers

adobeicon TSB0509 Seat Washer / Strap Handle for JR and Oil Injected

adobeicon TSB0609 King Rear Shock

adobeicon TSB0709 ’09 65 engine components UPDATED 6/5/09

adobeicon TSB0809 Water Pump Impellers

2008 Technical Service Bulletins

adobeicon TSB0108 - Water Pump Impellers
adobeicon TSB0208 - CFD Upgrade for 50's
adobeicon TSB0308 - 2007 CX65 Engine Components
adobeicon TSB0408 - CX65 Front Fork Bottom (Brake Side)
adobeicon TSB0708 - CX65 Front Brake Master Cylinder
adobeicon TSB0808 - CX65 50cc Arbor / Kick Start Gear Spacer
adobeicon TSB0908 - 2005-2007 King Expansion Chamber
adobeicon TSB1008 - 2008 CX50SR (King) Ignition System

adobeicon TSB1208 - CX65 Clutch Pressure Plate

adobeicon TSB1408 - CX50 JR & OI Radiator

adobeicon TSB1508 47.6mm Piston Ring Life

adobeicon TSB1608 CX50 SR King Reeds

Technical Support Line
(517) 437-9100

Bikes & Quads - Ext. 124

Monday - Friday 8AM - 4:30PM EST

2007 Technical Service Bulletins

adobeicon TSB1207 CX65 Shift Cassette and Spring
adobeicon TSB1307 ECX Throttle Cable Grommet
adobeicon TSB1407 ECX Radiator Mounting Brackets
adobeicon TSB1507 CX65 Airbox Water Protection
adobeicon TSB1107 CX65 Top End
adobeicon TSB0507 ECX Throttle Cable
adobeicon TSB0607 ECX Swingarm Pivot Bolt
adobeicon TSB0707 Cylinder Head-nuts CX65 and ECX70
adobeicon TSB0807 Cylinder CM
adobeicon TSB0907 Proper Slip Torque

2004 Technical Service Bulletins

TSB1504 2004 CM & PW shock spring
TSB1404 2004 CM rear shock valving
TSB0104 - King Rear Brake
TSB0204 - King & CM Clutch Washer
TSB0304 King CM clutch cover
TSB0404 2004 King wire
TSB0504 2004 water pump pulley
TSB0604 2004 Champion spark
TSB0704 King front brake caliper
TSB0804 2004 King rear brake carrier
TSB0904 2004 King performance
TSB1004 2004 King CM engine case
TSB1104 2004 King kick lever set
TSB1204 2004 CM & PW carburetor inlet
TSB1304 2004 CM & King bearing
TSB1604 2004 CM shock valving
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